Private Communication Network


  • Customize your own network, and let us do the work!
  • You only pay a monthly amount.



Choose between the following features and benefits


  • Individual Call
  • Talk groups for more efficient management
  • Positioning
  • Personal Alarm
  • Quiet environment, no noise (Digital System)
  • Encrypted Speaking / Listening Secure (no one can eavesdrop)
  • Collaboration with other user groups
  • See who is logged into your system
  • Unrestricted number of SMS traffic between the resources in the network as well as to and from any operator / Traffic
  • Log files on everything that happens in the network (voice, positioning, alarms, messages)
  • Status messages to and from the operator / Traffic
  • Coverage according to their own needs, their own regions, cities, countries
  • Self traffic / Operator Activities



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