Fast connection time, the opportunity to talk to several at the same time and no hassle with mobile operators makes two-way radios for effective and reliable communication solution. Especially when the need to communicate between many is large and the pressure at ordinary communication channels is high.

With digital technology, you as a user so much added value. Century is encrypted, the sound is better and it's easier than ever to build coverage over large areas where repeaters smoothly linked together with a simple IP connection.

In many large cities, we also own the DMR networks. No more climbing to hang antennas and finding high places. Everything sits up and is ready to be used!


Temporary need of communication?

We offer: Hytera DMR PD505, PD565, PD705 and PD785 Headset, monofoner, Hearing protection (Peltor) Repeater (standalone or existing network) Laddväskor, storage and trasportväskor staff on logistics and related Encrypted speech = Secure communications. Two simultaneous calls on the same frequency. Alarm functions. GPS support in the dispatcher as a client or web. Loud and clear sound without noise. Support round the clock on telephone. Fast deliveries around the clock.

Booking and information around the clock: +46 (0)20-12 19 00 is a common portal for rental across the country and run by Zodiac Service and partners. We supply everything from the small event with just a couple of radio to major sporting events and concerts with hundreds of users. No job is too small or too large. Through our partners, we are always close to the customer and the local knowledge that is often decisive for best kvallité and delivery.


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