Portable VHF

Zodiac Seacom 100

Portable VHF

Zodiac Seacom 100 is the world's smallest handheld floating marine radio, weighing in at only 230 g. The innovative flash indicator helps you find your radio if its fall into the water, even when it is turned of.

Zodiac Seacom 100 floats in water and clearly shows its positions by using a flash indicator, making it easy to locate in the dark. The radio will flash in red even if it turned off when it hits the water.

Despite the low weight of only 230 g, making the Zodiac Seacom 100 the world's smallest handheld floating marine radio, it has a long battery life and an output effect of 5 W. If no signal is received for a period of 30 seconds, a scanning function is initiated automatically. The radio is equipped with a large and inviting LCD display with clear graphics and a user-friendly menu. The display as well as key pad is lit-up for easy usage in dark environments.

The battery, a Li-ion 3.7 V, 1500 mAh, reduces the size and weight whilst maintaining a long battery life. To increase the battery life even further, a multi-step energy saving function is included, and with a clear battery indicator, it is easy to keep track of the remaining battery power

The battery pack can easily be recharged without being detached from the radio, using the charger in a standard wall outlet.


  • Dual / tri-watch (scanning on two to three channels simultaneously)
  • Flash function, making it easy to find in the dark or water
  • Auto-scan function that is initiated automatically if no signal is received for 30 seconds
  • Easy and quick access to channel-16 (emergency channel)
  • Vibration drainage system, that empties the speaker from water


Article number: 310 00

FREQUENCY RANGE 156.000-163.425 MHz
CHANNELS (number) 80
DIMENSIONS (wxhxd) 59 x 128 x 35 mm
TIME (5/5/90%) 36 h
SCOPE .....
WARRANTY Radio 3 years, Accessories 1 year